You shed your skin to let me move, I shed mine to help you remember
Mixed-media sculpture installation

March 9th—13th, 2020

Lucas Gallery, Princeton, NJ

Thesis winner of the 2020 Jim Seawright Award in Visual Arts

Brain lock: free yourself, 2020
Plywood, polyester mesh, wooden dowels, rubber cane tips, cut-out letters from found self-help book
30.5 x 48 inches

i, ferment, 2020
Photograms of hand, fermented vegetables, and book cover
Collaboration with Gabriella Pollner
8.5 x 11 inches

Vision: healing & hope!, 2020
Plywood, wet paper, nori paste, sumi ink, calligraphy paper, found bookmark, my father’s shoe sole, hospital sock, polyurethane expanding foam
30.5 x 48 inches

Eraser magic, 2020
Plywood, polyester mesh, wet paper, sumi ink, wooden dowels, rubber cane tips
30.5 x 48 inches

You shed your skin, 2020
Multi-channel video, plywood, polyester mesh, wooden dowels
30.5 x 48 inches

They still sleep in separate beds, 2020
Found metal grate, paraffin wax on chiffon, imitation hog bladder, polyurethane foam, metal wire, found mesh screen, 33.5 x 58 inches